Customised Service Solutions is a Manning Valley based, Australian owned and operated small business, delivering local services by local people. Equally important, we support small businesses, thus sourcing products and equipment from local suppliers.

Customised Service Solutions appreciates the sheer beauty and tranquillity of the Manning Valley, consequently employing an environmentally friendly approach across our service delivery options. Furthermore we intentionally purchase products and equipment in line with our harm minimisation strategy.

In contrast to global operations, Customised Service Solutions are able to provide you with the personal touch, detail and flexibility you may require. Above all, assisting you to build a service delivery package specific to your needs and/or requirements.

Service Catalogue:

Customised Service Solutions

Inside, Outside Cleaning and Maintenance

Lawn & Yard Maintenance

Office Services

Property Services

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Customised Service Solutions proudly promotes – Daybreak at Taree by Noel Harris.

Customised Service Solutions

Customised Service Solutions, provides a range of service offerings available to Manning Valley businesses and residents. Now with our expanded services, our team can assist you to purchase individual and/or bundled service offerings that meet your needs and budget.

Let us assist you to create a tailored service delivery plan, with service length and frequency nominated by you.

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Why Choose Customised Service Solutions

– We use environmentally friendly RapidGreen cleaning products

– Boosts the quality and reputation of your business

– Services that meet your specific requirements and budget

– Insured

– Trained, skilled and professional friendly staff

Service Region

Where We Provide Services

Manning Valley

Enriched by culture, award winning art, local produce, spectacular beaches and pristine waterways, the Manning Valley is certainly home to an abundance of recreational activities, natural wonders and sheer tranquillity.

Consequently, Customised Service Solutions promote and use environmentally friendly cleaning products throughout our range of service delivery options. Thus employing an environmental harm minimisation approach.

Customised Service Solutions is situated in the heart of the Manning Valley, therefore has the ability to service a broad geographical footprint. As a result, Customised Services Solutions can not only deliver your services, but provide an obligation free quote.



Halliday’s Point

Diamond Beach

Old Bar

Manning Point




Crowdy Head and surrounding areas.

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Customised Service Solutions proudly promotes – Sunrise at Forster by Noel Harris.

What we believe in

Our Values

Sustainability, Integrity, Responsibility and Inclusivity.

Deliver today, what will not compromise tomorrow, act with honesty, reliability and fairness. Fulfil obligations to our customers and community, whilst providing equal access to all opportunities.

Our Mission

Deliver quality, sustainable, environmentally friendly services. Promote local produce, small business and tourism, whilst using local and/or Australian products where available.


Customised Service Solutions proudly promotes – Apex Lookout, Bays Hill Taree by Noel Harris.